Build It
If it’s already built, they might come.

If economic development goals are retaining and helping expand existing businesses and attracting new businesses, then maintaining and improving existing infrastructure and creating new infrastructure are key components to achieving those goals.

Companies who already exist in a community rely on existing infrastructure to do business. Everything from high speed data transfer to the employees being able to travel to work every day. Filling in that pothole in front of the building is vital to doing business.

Businesses who wish to expand, need to know that plans for infrastructure maintenance and improvements exist. For example, the municipality needs to be able to handle any increased requirements for utilities, parking, signage and increased use of roads. In a heavy rain, does the parking lot flood due to inadequate drainage?

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Talent War
Talent Attraction War

They say there is a talent attraction “war” going on.
There is a “tug of war” for sure.

It is reported there are more jobs in the United States open than people to fill them. There are new technologies that require skills that many workers don’t have.

Every community is looking for qualified talent. Communities that are trying to help businesses expand or relocate must be able to provide information on the skilled labor pool in their area. These communities compete with each other for talent. Potential job seekers are looking for jobs that satisfy their goals of compensation, quality of life (how they see it), creative fulfillment and more.

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Income and Wealth Creation
Creating Jobs - What does that really mean?

What does that really mean? Do we need to create jobs? What is a job anyway?
A job has traditionally been defined as a relationship between an employer and an employee where the employee is paid for providing a permanent routine service or function; skilled or non-skilled.

We all realize jobs are not created equal. There are low paying jobs like fast food preparation or retail sales. These are valuable as a beginning to the employees work experience. There are higher paying jobs that may also be high-demand jobs such as welders or technology professionals.

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Military Retirees
Do military retirees have a positive impact on our community?

Do military retirees have a positive impact on our community?
Yes, and it’s more than you may think.
Florida has the highest number of retiring or separating United States Air Force members in the country.

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Col. Gary Dorman, Commander of the 1st Special Operations Mission Support Group at Hurlburt, Field.

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Six reasons we need to be hyper-interested in Hypersonics

This is the time of year when many are making lists and checking them twice. So, in keeping with the season:

Six reasons we need to be hyper-interested in Hypersonics.

Definition: Hypersonic speed exceeds the speed of sound greater than Mach 5.

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Vote YES on Amendment 9
Why vote YES for Amendment 9 on November 6th?

We have to protect the eastern Gulf of Mexico from oil and gas drilling.

The eastern Gulf of Mexico is used by our military for test and training. Our Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines must be able to simulate threat scenarios and train to fight against them. This testing and training is critical to our national security. If oil & gas drilling is allowed, military test & training will drastically decline

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Vote Yes
Vote YES on the One-Half Cent Sales Tax

On November 6th, Okaloosa residents will decide if they want to maintain and improve their quality of life. We can make a difference by seizing this opportunity.

Traffic congestion, roads flooding, our bay polluted by dirty storm water, outdated public safety and law enforcement communications systems affect every one of us. We are Okaloosa County.

Okaloosa County must do something now to fix these issues. We can, by voting YES for the Local Option Sales Tax on November 6th

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