Posted: March 01, 2021 by Kelly Murphy-Redd
Borders are organizational tools, aren’t they? Countries are defined by their borders on the map. They are also defined by their laws, government leaders at all levels and often language and culture. Governments control their borders and protect their borders.

Borders also define states and counties. While economic development is often regional in aspiration, results are often specific to counties and cities.

Without borders we wouldn’t know where we are. We wouldn’t know what laws might be different depending on how many miles we drove in any direction. We could get in a lot of trouble.
In the United States, state borders limit what insurance you can obtain. City and county borders will dictate where your child goes to school.

In Economic development we often talk about increasing the tax base. We look at how many people live in a certain area and pay taxes that in turn keep a local government running and providing services to the public. When people buy houses, run businesses and buy things within the borders of a city or county or state, that money helps those within those borders. It helps provide people with education, public health, garbage pickup, utilities, etc.

In economic development we also talk a lot about talent attraction. This includes immigration. In fact, over the years, many experts have made the case the U.S. will need highly educated immigrants to fill all the jobs that will be created in the future.

However, we have very high unemployment right now due to the pandemic. Many businesses are suffering and a huge number of businesses have gone out of business. American citizens need jobs. Economic developers should be concerned about this situation and most are.

The immigration issue we face right now is an economic one. We need to make sure our tax-paying citizens who are suffering, get jobs. We need to make sure they get healthcare. We should be making sure they get an education. They should be the priority, especially in our current situation. The U.S. can’t afford to bring in tens of millions of immigrants right now when our own citizens need the help. Logic says this is so.

Our economy is threatened by massive debt and the continued printing of money. Spending should be done at home. The U.S. can’t be responsible for the world. Our country has always been at the forefront of helping other countries in need. I’m sure we will continue to do so in the future. We need to get back on our feet and then look at what we can do for others. The Constitution states the U.S. government is responsible to the citizens. Our government should make that the priority.